Online counseling with the busy millennial in mind.

Ascension offers online counseling services, specializing in helping women find the peace and fulfillment they’ve been looking for.

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Who We Are

Ascension Counseling and Consulting Services is an online mental health clinic that services those located in Virginia. We focus on helping women learn to live with less stress and anxiety, learn to set boundaries, improve their mood, have better relationships, and live a more fulfilling life. The best part is, all of this can be achieved without the added stress of having to race from class or work and battle traffic to get to the counselor’s office. 


Online counseling makes it easier for you to focus on your mental and emotional wellness without the stress of traffic, parking, and childcare.

We also provide added options to schedule convenient appointments with expanded hours, online booking, and much more. 

Why Us

We know life can be stressful! Between trying to balance work, family, and whatever time you may have left for a social life, it seems there just isn’t enough time in the day. After caring for everyone and everything else you find yourself neglecting the most important piece of the puzzle, YOURSELF. The lifestyle of putting yourself last has caused excessive worry, stress, uncertainty, difficulty sleeping, poor or excessive appetite, low energy, irritability, and even hair loss. The quality of your relationships is suffering, and if you’re honest, you don’t know where to start or better yet when to stop.

One of the hardest parts about finding ourselves in these situations is that after enough time passes this becomes a way of life. You have begun to think this emotional pain, tiredness, and feeling stuck will never end. You deserve more and we can help!

At Ascension, we are dedicated to bridging the gap between busy women and the quality, convenient, mental health care they deserve.  We achieve this by providing better accessibility to counseling services in a format that is most comfortable and convenient for the client. We specialize in treating providing culturally relevant treatment that helps our clients live their best lives. With our unique approach to decreasing barriers that make it difficult to commit to counseling, we increase the client's ability to focus more on their counseling needs without the common distractions that may come with coming into the counseling office.

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