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Why Ascension Counseling ?

We provide a unique counseling experience by combining high quality, professional care with comfort and convenience.   

Convenient Appointments

While many counselors only offer appointments during normal business hours. Ascension works hard to provide appointment times that are most convenient to those who live busy lives during the day and prefer to attend counseling during less traditional hours. We provide this convenience by offering online appointments as late as 8 pm some weeknights, as well as, weekend appointments.


With Ascension being an online counseling practice, we can provide services to anyone in the state of Virginia. This level of accessibility is helpful for those who fit a wide range of circumstances. Some of these circumstances include being in an area with a shortage of mental health providers, living in areas with heavy traffic congestion and even those who find themselves too busy to travel to a counselor’s office with all of life’s demands. With online counseling, you can be seen at the place and time that is most convenient for you.


An added benefit of online counseling with Ascension is the increased privacy of attending counseling sessions in the privacy of your own home or office. Additionally, Ascension’s secure, electronic health record (EHR) allows private, encrypted communication between the client and counselor. Modes of communication through our EHR includes secure messaging systems and real-time video sessions. Ascension's email communication is also encrypted to protect a client's protected health information when communicating through email.

Personalized Care

Ascension personalizes each client’s counseling sessions based on their unique lifestyle, personality, experiences, and needs. There is no need to worry about a “cookie-cutter” counseling experience from Ascension. We work with our clients to make sure they feel validated, safe and all of their identities are honored. While we treat all women, rest assured that your clinician has education and training in racial and social justice.  You are invited to bring all of your identities into the therapy space at Ascension.

Evidence-based Practice

At Ascension Counseling we only utilize treatment techniques that have been thoroughly researched and proven to provide our clients with the results they are seeking. The use of evidence-based practice will not compromise the customized treatment that best fits individual needs.

Specialized Services

At Ascension, we operate from the belief that providing specialized care helps people reach their goals and make the counseling experience more effective. We focus on treating PTSD, anxiety, stress, excessive worry and difficulties adjusting to life transitions so people are able to live more fulfilling lives.

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